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Michael Lamotte is pleased to present the website From the Source. It is a personal project he conceived and developed as a blog with his son Brian Paul Lamotte, featuring black and white images of products from small, local producers.

Michael is a San Francisco food photographer based in the Mission with more than 25 years’ experience. From the Source was inspired by Michael’s passion for food and the local food movement. The blog is updated often with products sourced from local farmers’ markets, artisan shops, and local purveyors. Each black and white image is captured to celebrate and reveal the beauty of the fresh and artisanal foods and products. “My hope is this project and blog will help promote small, local food purveyors, and through an aesthetic depiction, foster a deeper level of appreciation for the products I photograph,” says Michael. “We are so fortunate to live in an area that cultivates and encourages the production of so many delicious foods for us all to enjoy.”

Michael’s life-long passion for food has taken him around the world to meet ‘local’ artisans in great US cities like San Francisco, Portland, Brooklyn, Seattle and New Orleans as well as countries such as France, Italy, England, Japan, India and Spain. At home, Michael roasts his own coffee beans, barrel ages cocktails, is a part-time chocolatier and has built a wood-fired pizza oven in his backyard: making his own pizza dough and bread from a sourdough starter. Michael’s enthusiasm for food has been further inspired with From the Source, a celebration of locally grown and produced food all over the world.